Viser arkivet for stikkord youth

Youth Impressions

General Student Impressions
“Everything is better in the Arctic… Even being seasick in the Arctic is better!”
“Believe in the fact that you can change the world.”
“Don’t forget what nature really sounds like.”
“Laugh a little louder, love a little stronger, and think a little greener.”
“I know that SOI has changed me. How?? I’m not sure yet… but it’s something that I can certainly feel… not something that words can describe.”
“Two twos to remember: If it is to be, it is up to me!”
“Merci d’avoir changer ma vie… You’re making a difference in our lives, no words can describe what I’ve seen with my eyes and the memories I’ll hold on to.”
“I don’t think even you know how life-changing this experience has been for me. For that, I am grateful.”
“To steal a fantastic quote from a friend and fellow Antarctic 2009/2010 alumni, ‘I have ice in my veins.’ Well put Jenna, I believe that the ice has spread.” – Olivia Rempel
“You have given me the tools to build whatever future I want.”
“Thank you to SOI staff for helping me realize that everyone can make a difference”
“I now have the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm I need to make a difference. I am ready to protect the poles and protect the planet!”

I’m scared of…
“The rate of modern climate change”
“That Arctic ice is melting too fast”
“Feeling discouraged”
“A lack of understanding”
“Unfulfilled people”
“Falling out of touch with so many friends”
“My future. Do I really have what it takes?” – Kamil
“Forgetting one minute of this expedition”
“Not being able to convince people to make a difference before it is too late!”
“Not being able to use my experience to better my community”
“Losing the Earth’s beauty”
“Forgetting how to practice compassion”
“Not having the same connection with people back home that I have now had with people during this experience”
“The future without change”

I plan to…
“Fulfill my career as an Arctic scientist” – Kamil
“Live on my bicycle”
“Make a difference”
“Share what I have learned with my community and inspire change”
“Live my dreams!”
“Enjoy life to the fullest!”
“Be the best parent ever and pass my knowledge on!”
“Be a lifelong learner”
“Be meaningful”
“Spread the word”
“Do my best to protect the poles!”
“Move humbly, choose carefully, act wisely”
“Have a memorable life and leave a legacy”
“Take environmental actions to developing nations to build a sustainable future!”
“Spread, organize, initiate”
“Help a new generation”
“Keep exploring”
“Be part of a global movement and act on my beliefs, passion, voice”
“Live, love and save the planet”
“Let my actions speak louder than my words”
“Rock the planet, shock the poles”

The Arctic is…
“My friend”
“Our home”
“The most beautiful place on Earth”
“Raw beauty at its finest”
“A reflection of the environmental state of the planet”
“Central to Canada’s future”
“Under threat”

What do you hope SOI is doing in 2020?
“A global trademark of the power of youth – Generation G!”
“Doing the same thing – inspiring kids to make a difference”
“Still spreading ‘Good Karma’ around the world”
“Sailing a Green Vessel”
“Using an eco-friendly ship to travel to the Arctic and the Antarctic”
“Saving the planet in sustainable ways”
“Continuing to give everyone the opportunity to explore the Polar Regions”
“Giving teens a once in a lifetime experience”
“I hope SOI can be a sounding board as I move forward in life – ideas, advice, support. You guys are great!”
“Getting even more students involved and continuing to make a difference”
“The same thing – I wouldn’t change this experience”
“Educating. Advocating. Acting.”
“Teaching in schools/training teachers!”

I will remember…
“The strength attained by knowledge itself”
“The freedom felt from Arctic air”
“My slightly dysfunctional SOI family”
“All the people I’ve met here as well as the Arctic’s beauty”
“EVERYTHING! I will never forget my new and second family!”
“My friends and the good karma”
“Every wonderful day aboard the ship with such wonderful people”
“Crossing the Arctic Circle – getting there has made me a little stronger, a little wiser”
“SOI catalyzing KARMAFLEX in me, in all of us!”
“Standing on deck watching the northern lights with the stars twinkling behind them”
“The Arctic swim – being brave!”
“The sound of the wind whistling as I walk down towards the Arctic Circle”
“My ‘Aha!’ moment!”
“How this experience changed my life”
“The taste of blueberries, seal and char. The smell of the Arctic wind. The stench of walrus. The grace of bowheads.”
“The summer in the Arctic when I saw no sea ice”

I am hopeful about…
“My children’s children’s children living in a green world”
“New connections and possibilities”
“Seeing northern lights again”
“Our future”
“The youth”
“Returning with SOI someday soon”
“The differences SOI students will make”
“A sustainable future – we can do it!”
“A future of dedicated, passionate and global citizens who do not see the Earth as an accessory but rather as a lifeline”
“The power of creatures (large and small) to touch others”
« Le future! Pour la terre et tous ses habitants, toutes les créatures vivantes »

I’m looking forward to…
“Making a positive change”
“Sharing my experiences and maintaining the connections I’ve made”
“Learning to live an amazingly sustainable lifestyle”
“Sharing my story with the world”
“Going on another SOI trip!”
“Making the little things count”
“Having a positive impact on the world”
“New adventures and challenges”
“Sharing the knowledge I have gained with others so we can work together”
“Being a part of the change”
“Helping out with my head, heart and hands”

80 young peoples impressions at the end of our Arctic adventure

SOI video for International Year of Youth

2010 is soon history. It has been an amazing year for me in so many ways, but the one thing that above all others defined 2010 for me was going to the Arctic with Studens On Ice. I learned so much, met so many wonderful and talented people, experienced climate change first hand and maybe most importantly: I understood, not only in theory but also in practice why we need to protect the planet.

This year has also been The International Year of Youth. IYY have three main goals:
1. Create Awareness: increase commitment and investment in youth
2. Mobilize and Engage: increase youth participation and partnerships
3. Connect and Build Bridges: increase intercultural understanding among youth

In August, during the expedition we marked the beginning of IYY by making this video. Enjoy: