18th of August - Akpatok Island

Today’s destination is the wonderful Akpatok Island. This island – the largest island in Ungava Bay – is named for the Akpat, the Thick-Billed Murres that live on its limestone cliffs. Uninhabited Akpatok Island has International Biological Program status, is a Canadian Important Bird Area, as well as a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site. In addition to the Thick-Billed Murres, other notable bird species that may be on the island include Black Guillemot and Peregrine Falcon. Here we’ll use our zodiacs to scout the beaches in search of walrus and polar bears.
While on the ship, the students will also engage in a Youth Forum. Geoff Green will give a presentation on “Polar Ambassadorship” and “Inspiring Generation G” to help students focus on how to take what they’ve learned during these past few weeks and apply it to their communities, and to even larger scale – to help prevent further damage being done to our planet and its polar regions. The evening will be filled with activities on board for the students and the creation of a Youth Impressions wall, where students will be encouraged to leave behind what they learned from the experience for others to reflect on in the future.
The students will be busy with wrap-up activities and youth action groups to help them make sense of what they have experienced over the past couple weeks, and there will be plenty of time on deck to look out for Polar Bears, Seals and Whales! Students are extremely excited to share their new experiences, observations and ideas with friends, family and others when they return home. They have mobilized around diverse issues, projects, initiatives and actions that they will continue well past the end of the expedition. These young polar ambassadors are committed to making a difference locally, regionally, nationally and internationally!
The students can expect a big Captain’s Dinner during their “Final Evening on Ship” – replete with a lot of celebration, presentations, skits, slide shows – and briefings – as they sail ever closer to Kuujjuaq

First Polar Bear spotting at Akpatok

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Thick-billed Murre

Me, Geoff and Eirik

Bildeserie med 12 bilder — bla ved å trykke på pilene
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Veldig bra, Ingrid!

I den grad jeg skal bidra med noe, så må det være kommentarer til stedsnavnet Akpatok. Dette er all-inuitisk forståelig, – fra Canada i vest til Grønland i øst, – og kanskje også i Alaska.

“Appa” er kalaallisut/grønlandsk for lomvi. Suffikset “-tooq” betegner “å være rikt på noe/ mye av noe”.

Så Akpatok – eller Appatooq, som man ville ha skrevet det på grønlandsk – betyr, slik du selv antyder, “stedet der det finnes massevis av lomvi”. (Underforstått: Stedet man drar til for å fange lomvi.)


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