16th of August - Kingnait Fjord

Another day on the Orlova, another day in the Arctic and only three days left till we leave… These 13 days have flown away. Everything we have experienced is all in a big blur. It will probably take a long time to digest all the impressions.

Today we have been at an amazing place called Kingnait Fjord in Cumberland Sound. As we sailed in the fjord early this morning we spotted about 40 bowhead whales! My “Animals to see in the Arctic”-list is complete! We arrived at the end of the fjord just after breakfast. Once on shore, we hiked up along a river to a gorgeous waterfall where we had some quiet time on our own before we hiked down to the beach for a barbeque followed by the legendary “Arctic Swim.” Cold and fantastic!

Today we have started to wrap up the expedition, talking about how we can make use of what we have experienced and learned towards meaningful change back home. Paige had an excellent presentation where she explained the meaning of life. Not bad!
It’s late. I’m going to go out on deck for a sip of fresh air before heading to bed.

Rita, Eirik and Norm

My Pod group: The Natisik Bypods

The Arctic Swim Team


Andrew. He also has a blog: Million Green Lights


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